Student Success

Success Coaching

Our Student Success Coaches are trained to assist students with designing academic and career goals, learning new study strategies, and overcoming test anxiety. The Student Success Coach serves as an advocate to make sure that students are aware of all services, including academic support and college and community resources so that students have every opportunity to be successful in pursuing their educational goals. The Success Coach is available to discuss student concerns such as work, childcare, housing, transportation, time management or other personal matters that interfere with academic performance. The Success Coach can help identify possible solutions or refer students to the appropriate resources. In order to schedule an appointment with the Canton or Macomb success coach, please contact our staff.

Online Learning Support

Student Success Coaches provide support to online students as it relates to instruction, technology, and services. Coaches can provide guidance to help students successfully complete online courses by providing an opportunity to discuss issues and concerns and participate in problem solving. Examples include providing instruction on the use of the Learning Management System, assisting with creation of a time management plan, and help with interpreting the differences between face-to-face and online instruction.


Students who are experiencing difficulty keeping up with the coursework in their classes may receive assistance provided by a professional or peer tutor. The LRC in both Canton and Macomb provides assistance to help students "catch up" and improve their study skills so that they can complete their course successfully.

Our peer tutors are carefully selected students who are faculty recommended and have successfully completed the courses in which they tutor and enjoy working with other students. In addition, all peer tutors are paid Spoon River College employees who complete a series of tutor training requirements to help them learn the best techniques for working with students.

To schedule a tutor session, Click Here. Login using your SRC username (firstname.lastname) and case sensitive password. If you prefer a drop-in appointment, just stop by the front desk in at either LRC location.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is available for students who cannot access tutoring at one of the Learning Resource Centers due to distance, time or availability of tutors. Students may connect with an online tutor via the "Online Tutoring" link in the left menu of any Canvas course site.

Additional Support

Study Groups

Study groups are one of the best ways to study and learn material! They give the opportunity to share notes, find new strategies for studying, review for exams, and form friendships with peers. Instructors as they are often directly involved with study groups by checking in on the progress and reviewing with the group before an exam. ​LRC staff will visit many of the classrooms during the semester to set up study groups but additional study groups can be arranged by either stopping in the center or contacting staff to make arrangements.

What's My Learning Style?

A preferred learning style is the brain's preferred mode of taking in information. Many students are unacquainted with their preferred learning style which can result in a waste of time and resources for studying. There are many available resources to assist with identifying this information. Students can use the quiz below to determine whether they are an audio, visual, kinesthetic or tactile learner. With the awareness of their learning style, students can modify their study strategies to be more efficient with their time and resources.

Take this short quiz to find out your preferred learning style: learning style quiz.

For more information on learning styles and study strategies, contact a Success Coach to set up an appointment.​

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Student Success

Faculty Resources​

Canton/Havana Student Success Coach:
Abby Beck
(309) 649-6225

Macomb/Rushville Student Success Coach:
Mandy Kreps
(309) 833-6048