Spoon River College believes that transparency promotes accountability. This webpage is designed to easily provide information to the employees of the College and to the citizens of our district. Information found on this page include the College’s strategic planning processes, required reports to the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), reports generated from SRC internal Data, and more. If you have any questions pertaining to the reports found on this page, please contact the Institutional Research by emailing

Graduation Rate: 41%
Transfer out Rate: 20%
First Time Full Time Student Retention Rate: 58%
First Time Part Time Student Retention Rate: 69%

FY 2016 Financial Aid Profile - All Students

​Type of Aid​​Number Receiving​% of EnrollmentAverage AwardTotal Aid
​Grants & Scholarships906
Pell Grants
Federal Loans341

Spoon River College is accredited by
Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Programs Accredited

Associate Degrees: 10 programs
Certificates: 36 Programs

Registered Hours:
Fall 2015 - 14,799
Fall 2016 - 14,768
Fall 2017 - 13,754

FTE (Full Time Equivalent):
Fall 2015 - 987
Fall 2016 - 985
Fall 2017 - 973

Headcount Unduplicated:
Fall 2015 - 1,665
Fall 2016 - 1,560
Fall 2017 - 1,489

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Enrollment Trends Link  Enrollment Trends

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Graduation Rate Link  SRC Graduation Rates

Tuition and Financial Aid ReportSRC Tuition and Financial Aid Reports

Annual Financial Reports

​Spoon River College is audited on an annual basis in accordance with The Public Community College Act and OMB-Circular A-133 (Audits of States, Local Governments and Non-profit Organizations)

Federally Required Consumer Information

Student Right to Know refers to federally-mandated public disclosure of specified consumer statistics of institutional effectiveness. The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act (P.L. 101-542) requires higher education institutions receiving federal financial assistance to provide prospective and current students with the following information to help them make informed decisions about the educational benefits available.

Graduation, Transfer, and Retention Rates

In compliance with the reporting requirements, groups of students or cohorts that are used to inform these rates include first-time, full-time degree or certificate-seeking undergraduate students.

% of Full-Time, First-Time Degree or Certificate-Seeking Students

​Fall Term​​Graduation Rate
(within 3 years or 150%)​
Transfer Rate​Retention Rate​
Full Time
​Retention Rate
Part Time

Graduation Rates

Graduation rates reflect a percentage of a cohort of students during the specified year who have completed their degree or certificate requirements within 150% of the normal time to completion (i.e., 3 years). The graduation rate does not include students who have left SRC for any reason, including transferring prior to degree or certificate completion. More detailed data on SRC Graduation Rates can be found ​in the Graduation Rate KPI Summary Report.

Transfer Rates

In compliance with reporting requirements, transfer rates reflect a percentage of a cohort of students during the specified year who have transferred to a degree or certificate-program at another institution of higher education. More detailed data on the SR Transfer Rates can be found in the Transfer Rate KPI Summary Report.

Retention Rates

In compliance with reporting requirements, retention rates reflect a percentage of a cohort of students during the specified year who have returned to SRC to continue their studies the following fall. More detailed data on SRC Retention Rates can be found in the Persistence and Retention Rate KPI Summary Report​.

Headcount by Job as of July 1st

​Year​Admin​Classified​FT Faculty​Professional Support​Other (PT Faculty, Students, Temps)